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Criterion (v): The development of the city of Rio de Janeiro has been shaped by a creative fusion between nature and culture. This interchange is not the result of persistent traditional processes but rather reflects an interchange based on scientific, environmental and design ideas that led to innovative landscape creations on a major scale in the heart of the city during little more than a century. These processes have created an urban landscape perceived to be of great beauty by many writers and travellers and one that has shaped the culture of the city.

Since the 1980s I have been composing and producing music for television and the stage, so this project was an opportunity to combine my experiences with Ian’s music. Over the years I have scored the works of Jethro Tull for larger orchestral forces, but this was a chance to distil the material and hear it self-contained within the quartet format.

Vivir la experiencia única del restaurante Le Chique, en manos del chef Jonatán Gómez Luna, es emprender un sorprendente viaje a través de las más refinadas técnicas culinarias; sus ingredientes y recetas dan como resultado un compendio de sabores que nos hablan de la identidad gastronómica del sureste Mexicano.

Bachelor of Arts in Music. This program provides a general liberal arts overview of music studies and is combined with a minor or second major of the students ...

Texas State University does not offer an undergraduate, Bachelor's degree, specifically in Composition. If a student is interested in composition, they must choose either the BA or BM - Performance degree and complete an audition on an instrument/voice. All performance requirements for the degrees above must be fulfilled on an instrument/voice. Introduction to Composition and composition lessons are available to interested students at the undergraduate level through a portfolio review, but the Bachelor's degree received will not be in composition.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is delighted that concerns raised by the MU, British Underground, UK Music and other industry bodies as well as countless musicians to the Metropolitan Police have been listened to and form 696 has been scrapped.

Nad was born in the USA but raised in Sweden by his grand parents. He began playing the piano at the age of four and started composing almost immediately. His first performance at age eight ended very suddenly with Nad fainting over the keys from sheer nervousness... a great way to start!

Various - Músicos Motivados Por Un Mundo MejorVarious - Músicos Motivados Por Un Mundo MejorVarious - Músicos Motivados Por Un Mundo MejorVarious - Músicos Motivados Por Un Mundo Mejor